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Have you ever wondered if there is any person on this earth who is absolutely free from sorrow and suffering? After a deep introspection I began observing people, situations and their surroundings in a non-judgmental manner. Interestingly I did not find anyone who was completely free of distress or agony in life. In some or other way all individuals have problems to deal with on a daily basis!

In absoluteness they come across as major issues but in relativity may be our problems are too tiny. For example, during a hospital visit last week I saw a child who fractured his ankle and at the same time there was another man who was prepping up for a surgery next day and I was waiting for follow up on a vitamin deficiency. I overheard an elderly man teasing his middle-aged daughter “You are full of nut and bolts; I never thought you could make it back from the accident but here you are taking care of me now”. Honestly my problem was the least of all and that lady’s determination is monumental! It felt like it's all a perspective of relativity.

In my observation, mankind’s suffering is broadly categorized at physical, financial, emotional & mental levels which includes pain in the body which may perhaps vary from mild to chronic depending on the dis-ease in particular parts of the body, situation where one cannot support all needs or wants of life and distress at the level of emotions and thoughts that manifests itself as anger, hatredness, complaining , proving, etc., which predominantly arise out of frustrations in relationship, career and the battle of opposites with us respectively.

Ironically all these categories are intertwined like the deoxyribonucleic acid exerting influence on all aspects of life and most importantly relationship with yourself & others. During tough times either you accept it, endure it, learn through it to grow strong and stabilize or go down the spiral.

I wonder if it’s us who hold on to the pain or its pain that is holding us? In some way or other there is a constant battle of opposites which coexist within us, our likes & dislikes, love & hate and all pairs of opposites. But the question is – Is it worth clinging on to?

The beauty of this observation was such that it led me to myself! And it answered my question. Well, there is not a single person on this earth who is free from suffering but to be free or not be free is matter of choice! You choose complaining over taking responsibility or blaming over owning it or constantly compare yourself with others rather than knowing you are unique or take charge of your life than easily give up, accepting your feelings over denying your feelings or willingness to change in the now over going down the spiral – its all a choice!

All it needs is “action”. There will never be an end to suffering unless we make the right choices and work towards it.  In theory making a choice is a good first step but to succeed in it you need action! Consistent action springs from honesty, commitment, courage and love which is applicable at all levels (physically, financially, emotionally & mentally) and when you gain an understanding of it don’t forget to help others in need.

Remember, a problem will remain a problem until you consider it to be a problem!  So, wake up! Be thankful for everything good or bad that you have because this is only your perspective of relativity, and the universe is too vast to limit yourself. Remember every problem is a seed within which its carved with opportunity to learn! And as Rumi says, “always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you would have ever imagined”.  Therefore, break the pattern and keep growing!


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