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Dear Reader,

My purpose of today's post is not to leave a 3 to 4 minutes long read but leave you a “photo blog” in which I have captured beautiful moments of many lives that enjoy their time in the Badam tree in our vicinity along with an important reminder of RESPONSIBILITY!

Introduction to the tree:

Badam tree in our vicinity is blooming with life even in this harsh summer! This tree with lush green broad oval leaves, thick trunk, sleek, yet strong branches at the top hosts several birds, insects, rodents, harmless reptiles like the branch lizards, even the famous mealy bugs (seen them flying around some leaves) and many creatures that I may not know! This tree serves them all with sweet fruits, shade to rest under, safe place to chitter chatter and most importantly its an ecosystem in itself. I deeply feel that trees take personal responsibility and so should we all.

Summer has been super harsh for us Bangloreans  and here are some RESPONSIBILITY REMINDERS for us all;

1.     Use water conservatively

2.     Share the water with beings in nature like birds, animals, squirrels etc. Our acts of selfishness impact these innocent creatures as well, hence its time for a little selfless act

3.     Share fresh fruits with birds (example you can leave a slice of mango or banana or any fresh fruit for their consumption in your garden)

4.     Kitchen waste can be someone’s food: The fruit and vegetable peels, and left over cooked food (not stale) can be food for some stray animals, for instance fruits and vegetable peels can be given to cows and left-over cooked food to the dogs. So be judicious on how you dispose the kitchen waste

5.     Keep yourself and the family hydrated not just with water but also by using natures cooling agents such as tender coconut water, barley water, raagi ganji with butter milk, cucumbers, ice apples, butter milk , water melons, musk melons, Kanji and mud bath

6.     Use electricity judiciously (we are not far from long hour outages)

7.     Last but not the least – Be KIND and work from the space of SERVICE to all

I pray for rains ,neither less nor more but just enough for all of us !

Lots of joy to all



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